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Maria Auma, a Ugandan entrepreneur helping startups to build sustainable businesses with impact

For many startups, taking their businesses to the next level can be challenging. In Uganda, one woman entrepreneur is helping small business owners to increase their production capacity and access finance. Maria Auma, founder of Blue Luxury Investments, is bringing her expertise and investment community to help startups to fulfill their potential. 

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More Fun Facts About Uganda

Learn some interesting information about Uganda while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia.

. Uganda is one of the Youngest Nation in World – over half of the population are children.

. The small country of Uganda is Africa’s Banana Republic – it grows more Bananas than any other nation – except India and China – over 50 varieties Matooke-a plantain banana is the chief staple in the much of the country.

. Uganda has the best pineapple you have ever eaten. Yet little of it is consumed in the West.

. Uganda is the Tropical Fruit Basket of Africa.

. Lake Bunyonyi is home to the Louisiana Crayfish that was imported and thrives here – creating new menus at Tourist Restaurants.

. Uganda is 26% lakes and rivers

. Uganda is home to over half of all Mountain Gorillas in the world 480 of them out of 880.

. Uganda is one of the safest, secure and most stable countries to visit in Africa.

Source: Kabiza

Here Are Some 8 Interesting Facts About Uganda You May Not Know

Learn some interesting information about Uganda while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia.

1. Capital – Kampala – Capital as a British Protectorate was Entebbe.

2. Uganda gained Independence from Britain in 1962 (it was not a British Colony like Kenya but a Protectorate)

3. The Gray crowned Crested Crane is Uganda’s official Bird.

4. Population is about 37.5 Million (estimated)

5. Major Languages – English (Official), Swahili (Official), Luganda and various Bantu and Nilotic Languages.

6. Major Religions – Christianity and Islam, Animist.

7. Gross National Income per person – 510 USD.

8. Main Exports – Tourism, Coffee, Fish and related fish products, tea, tobacco, cotton, corn, beans, Sesame.

Source: Kabiza

Uganda to Start Using Cable Cars On Mountain Rwenzori

Uganda has said it's headed towards installing Cable Cars on Mountain Rwenzori as a means of boosting the tourism sector. The installation of cable cars will make it easier for Mountain climbers who have been spending more than five days to reach on the top of the Mountain. "The study is already done. We're now waiting for the consultant's report that will be discussed by the relevant stakeholders before we embark on procuring the contractor who will install the system on the Uganda's highest Mountain," said Uganda's Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda. This was during the 8thAnnual Tourism Sector Review Conference at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

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